Do you know extreme sports?

Extreme sports are evolved from a variety of shaping sports and various movements in games, life and work, and participate in highly strenuous ornamental sports, mainly young people. In the process of integration with nature, human beings, with the help of modern high-tech methods, maximize their physical and mental potential, and challenge themselves to recreational sports. It is adventurous and stimulating. In addition to pursuing the spirit of "higher, faster, stronger" that exceeds the physical limits of competitive sports, it also emphasizes the sense of participation, entertainment, and bravery. It pursues the joy obtained when crossing psychological barriers. At the same time, it also reflects the human aspirations to return to nature, return to view, and protect the environment. Therefore, it has been hailed as "the future sport" by countries around the world.

Origin of extreme sports

Extreme sports are also broad and narrow. Some challenging non-Olympic and non-World Games events can be called extreme sports in a general sense, such as bungee jumping, rock climbing, cliff diving, and so on. For example, BMX racing has become an Olympic event, and U-shaped skis are also official winter Olympic events. Thus the origin of these extreme events is simply two. One is evolved from a molding sport. For example, extreme motorcycles are differentiated from motocross; extreme skiing is evolved from ordinary skiing, and so on. Others have evolved from games, life, and work, such as skateboarding, rock climbing, and so on. There are many international extreme competitions, but the most well-known is the EXPN severe competition held in summer and winter each year. Each year, the entries are slightly changed. Some emerging projects that form an organization and have perfect rules are continuously being absorbed. Some projects that have already been carried out very extensively and have a robust public base are invited. For example, inline skating is no longer an EXPN project.

Extreme Sports Classification

Many of the extreme sports events are emerging in recent decades. They can be divided into two categories according to the season: summer and winter. The field of sports involves multi-dimensional space such as "sea, land, and air."

The main events and performances of summer extreme sports are BMX, skateboarding, difficult rock climbing, speed rock climbing, aerial skateboarding, alpine gliding, water skiing, whitewater kayaking, jet skiing, surfing, jet-skiing, bungee jumping, roller skating Competitions and obstacle course, 100 meters, and 200 meters and other sports. Because extreme sports have the characteristics of "integration between man and nature" that "integrate into nature (nature, environment, ecology, health) and challenge oneself (positive, brave, joyful, stimulating)," it makes extreme sports popular in Europe and the United States. It can be described by madness, magic. Take water skiing and skateboarding as examples.

In the United States alone, water skiing enthusiasts have 1.1 million names. Professional water skiing teams and performance teams are even more dazzling. They have become important urban cultural "dinners" in many cities, and skateboarding There are as many as 4.5 million enthusiasts.  It was not until the mid-1980s that skateboarding projects regained their sights, making this "urban magic. "The comeback is so powerful and so influential that it has become the" money printer "in the eyes of many smart manufacturers.

Skateboarding superstars Tony Hawker and Andy Mcdonald are undoubtedly the same super icons as Jordan (basketball) and Pete Sampras (tennis) in the eyes of many young people.

Reasons for popularity

The realistic environment makes modern people overwhelmed, and the continuous and increasing stimulation stimulates the limits of human perception. The original feeling is no longer secure, and it can no longer adapt to social pursuits.

From ballroom dances in the 1970s, discos in the 1980s, and bowling and saunas in the 1990s, they have been unable to meet people's increasing level of sensory needs. On the one hand, people need to seek stimulation, vent pressure and release energy. On the other hand, for general stimulation and enjoyment, people are accustomed to it and not surprising. At this time, people began to pursue more intense stimulation to obtain the needed feeling and arousal. The rise of extreme sports meets this demand of human beings. Human beings have created a civilization in the embrace of nature, but culture is moving humans away from the environment. Perhaps human beings have lived too long in a civilized world far from view. After gradually falling into physical and mental laziness in the convenience brought by urban civilization, they began to yearn to return to nature.

The trendy urban people who can't hold back their moods, prefer to rush out of the blockade of urban civilization, talk to nature, restore human nature as a member of nature, and show humanity's most essential ability. The rise of extreme sports meets exactly this need of humanity. Besides, compared with traditional sports (including the Olympics), extreme sports are more self-challenging, watching and stimulating high-tech penetration, and commercial operation beyond physical and mental limits.

However, in the non-mainstream sports projects outside the eyes of the general public, there is a potential stream of returning to nature, integrating with the environment, and challenging oneself to achieve the ideological realm of "heaven and man unite"-extreme sports. Developing countries have quietly become the most popular and enduring fashion sport for urban youth, and participating in intense sports games has become the coveted desire of the majority of urban youth.

The rise of extreme sports has led people to gradually leave traditional stadiums and walk towards the wilderness, indulge in the landscape, and seek the essential meaning of human survival from nature. Alone outdoors, extreme sports in adventure form become a space for people to transcend themselves and challenge their limits: jet skis and surfing games, allowing you to fully experience the dashing wind and blue skies and the waves; white waves, cattle, white water Boats, and white water rafting will enable you to go through thousands of miles and stormy waves in the rushing currents; bungee jumping and rock climbing make you feel the thrill of "jumping to gravity and soaring down"; mountainous nature is a massive, deep, beautiful and dangerous drill Here, we have abandoned the comfort and laziness brought by modern civilization, possessed the ability to coexist with nature, and fully realized the joy of returning to human life and original intention and testing human wisdom and strength.

Major sports

Roller skating

Roller skating, also known as roller skating, roller skating, is a sport in which special shoes with rollers are used to slide on hard grounds. Most roller skaters today mainly use inline wheels, also known as brush brushes, 66.  At the same time, It is also called "brush" for roller skates, and "brush street" for skating on the road, and 66 is the same as a yo-yo, which is more exciting and smooth, and is often called by fans. Therefore, inline wheels have almost become synonymous with roller skating.

Can exercise, strengthen physical fitness, eliminate fatigue, and regulate the spirit.

Invented by American James Plimpton in 1863, it quickly spread to Europe and other parts of the world. It is more common in Europe and the United States and has developed into a competition. The roller skating event held on the roller-skating field is figure skating. Speed ​​skating is divided into two types of road races and track races.

In the eyes of ordinary people, the female athletes participating in the Roller Derby must be girls who tend to be masculine. In fact, not only do these girls have the courage in roller skating, the superb skating skills, but also the beautiful appearance and slender figure make people want to look at more.

The sport of pulleys is usually held on wooded grounds with slopes. The golden age of roller skating was in the 1960s and early 1970s. At that time, women playing roller-skating would slam, bite each other, and design "tricks" to win each other to please the audience.


The full name is BICYCLE MOTOCROSS. It was a kind of off-road cycling in the United States in the mid to late 1970s.

The sport quickly became popular among young people. By the mid-1980s, most young people were deeply influenced by skateboarding culture and felt that it was too simple to play in the mud. So I started to take BMX to the ground, play on the skateboarding ground, and play more fancy than skateboarding, jumping higher and more exciting. Its name also changed to BMX FREESTYLE.

Water skiing

Water skiing, its predecessor, was skateboarding, and the water ski was trial-produced by an American named Larson Samuelson based on skis at the beginning of this century and successfully performed water skiing. After the performance, a company in the United States designed a new type of water ski to make the water ski more reasonable.

Bungee jumping

In the process of human beings' integration with nature, with the help of modern high-tech means, they maximize their physical and mental potential and entertain themselves in sports and entertainment.

In addition to pursuing the "higher, faster, stronger" of competitive sports beyond physiological limits, she also emphasizes participation and courage, and in the process of crossing human beings' integration with nature, using modern high-tech means Recreational sports that give play to your physical and mental potential and challenge yourself. In addition to pursuing "higher, faster, stronger" competitive sports beyond physical limits, she also emphasizes participation and bravery.

Rock climbing

Rock climbing is a popular sport that integrates fitness, recreation, and competition. It requires athletes to be comprehensive in physical fitness, brave, tenacious, and tenacious and to be able to stretch on rock walls of various heights and angles comfortably, accurately complete movements and turns, jump, pull-ups, and other thrilling actions.  it is also called "ballet on the rock wall."

Rock climbing is an athletic sport derived from mountaineering. The 1950s originated in the Soviet Union and existed as a military training program in the army. In 1974, it was included in the world competition.


Skateboarding is an extension of surfing on land. The former is restricted by geography and climate, while the latter has more freedom. In the mid-to-late 1950s, residents of the beach community in Southern California invented the world's first skateboard. A 50X10X50CM board was fixed on the rollers. The second generation of skateboards was born in 1962. It is composed of pressed oak multilayer boards, roller skate bridges, and plastic wheels. In 1973, a skateboard enthusiast named Frank mounted polyurethane wheels on his skateboard for the first time and achieved unexpected results. This adjustable wheel is not only wear-resistant but also makes the skateboard turn safely and steadily. It is the third generation skateboard.


The surfing game is distinguished, just like the equipment. Its speed and curve require speed and cornering skills. The difference is that the former is straight-line racing, which is mostly performed in extreme wind conditions. The straight line in the world The speed is 94km / h, and the average rate of players in general surfing is about 40 ~ 50km / h.

Besides, the playing methods in the fancy and wave areas are entirely different. Generally, the fancy playing methods are to do more significant actions in the broken wave area or flat water area, such as flip, jumping, fancy sailing, and air steering, etc. This gameplay is difficult and dangerous. It requires a certain degree to learn, and it is best to have someone to guide you.

Precautions for surfing

When surfing the sea, please keep the length of two surfboards.

Surfing rules are the closest to the crash point of the wave, and his action is the first to stand up, and the surfer next to it must stop surfing. If you rush down regardless of 37,21, the person who rushed into the accident Should bear all consequences and liability.

The best waves for surfing are the waves crashing in the middle and moving towards the slopes on both sides. The most dangerous and the worst waves are waves crashing in a row. Please go ashore and rest.

If you see jellyfish appearing or are bitten by a jellyfish while surfing in the sea, please surf the shore quickly to rest.


When rushing the big waves, the foremost surfer, and the surfers beside or in the middle or behind, must keep a safe distance of 3 wave boards, so that when the crazy dog ​​waves are covered, everyone's surfboards and safety ropes become entangled.

Surfers must abide by the surfing rules. One person and one wave, who is closest to the wave wall starting point, stands first. At this time, the surfers competing next to each other quickly brake or pull the board to stop surfing.

Beginner surfers should strengthen hand stroke training, physical fitness training, foot training, and rolling forward belching training in the water.

You must have a high fighting spirit and strong physical muscles. In general, please watch more surfing videos, surfing magazines, surf with master surfers, listen more, go online, and exchange experiences with peers.

Just follows the present in an oblique direction and grasp the waves, do not throw the safety feet, and swim back to swim.

Surfing has a specific movement used to indicate the way of greeting among rogues. It is derived from local customs in Hawaii. Using the thumb and little finger to make the number 'six' gesture, it means "relaxing" and "everything is normal." Rogues use Shaka gestures to greet each other to express their feelings of being integrated into the life of the Ronin, thereby representing an easy-going, friendly, and free surfing culture.


ORIENTEERING may be a little strange to Chinese people, but it has been popular in Europe and the United States for many years. Participants need to use maps and compasses to read terrain, terrain, and direction, and cross the unknown area. The content of the activity is quite costly. And full of fun.

Orienteering is also widely used in the military. If you look at the special forces in the movie in the jungle, you can find your survival by relying on various terrain and features. You will be interested in participating in this extreme sport.


River Creek is a new outdoor sport. It was initially popular in the European Alps and later evolved into a relatively independent outdoor recreation. It was popular in Japan in the 1960s and 1970s and introduced to China after the 1970s. The so-called streambank is from the downstream of the canyon stream to the upstream, to overcome obstacles on the terrain and trace the source of water.

In the process of tracing the stream, the trail traverser must rely on specific equipment and precise technology to overcome many challenging obstacles such as rapids and deep lakes and waterfalls, which is full of challenges. It is also because of the complicated terrain that different places must travel with the same equipment and methods, which makes this activity full of change and charm. The stream-traveling event requires close cooperation between peers. The use of a team spirit to complete challenging climbs is a test for the trail-walker, and at the same time, has a trust and satisfaction, confidence, and a sense of accomplishment after overcoming difficulties.


That's Parkour. The Parkour movement treats the entire city as a significant training ground, and all walls and roofs have become objects that can be climbed and traversed, especially abandoned houses. Parkour was born in France in the 1980s.

Parkour is an extreme street sport, a bit of Free-running meaning; the difference is that Free-running is more about performance-ornamental, while Parkour is speed-practicality. With the agile climbing as the monkey. However, the enthusiasts of this sport are more willing to see it as a lifestyle advocated by the youth subculture. It helps you to cross any obstacle or reach a destination with your own power. Parkour is not only the art of gate sports, it is also a way of life. The free soul in running, jumping and climbing stretches infinitely in the movement. It is indeed an art—more and more people like Parkour in China. In the world of Parkour, practitioners are called "Traceur," and all Traceurs must be professionally trained before participating in this sport.

For those who like extreme sports, you must remember to maintain sufficient water and energy. Our new gallon is looking forward to your choice.

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