The best bottles for outdoor travel in 2020

As the pace of life is getting faster and faster, more and more people like to travel outdoors, nature is the best place to relax. In recent years, the crowd who likes outdoor sports has become larger and larger. In the process of traveling, Many people don't replenish in time or don't get enough water.

The importance of water to the body

A person can live for one month without eating, relying on the nutrients stored in his body, or consuming his tissues. But if you don't drink water, you can hardly spend a week. 10% of water loss in the body is a threat to health. If 20% water loss, there is a danger to life, which shows that water is of great significance to life.

In today's fast-paced life, many people like to choose to travel to slow down their pace. I believe that your travel list will have travel glasses on it.

So what kind of glass is best to choose when traveling?

FUNUS Water Bottles are the first choice for outdoor people. It is correct. When choosing the perfect bottle, consider the size and design. FUNUS Water Bottle's water bottle has 44oz / 75oz / 91oz / 1galloon capacity models; there is no doubt that the system is all made for outdoor people.

So how do we make a choice?

First of all, we recommend it by gender. Scientific research indicates that the human body loses about 1800 to 2000 ml of water every day from urine, sweat, or skin evaporation, so it is saying that healthy adults need to add about 2000 ml of water every day. If it is a girl, according to the physiological needs of the girl, it is recommending to choose a 75oz / 2.2L capacity bottle, as shown in the figure:


Men need slightly more water than women. According to the data, the water content of normal adult men accounts for about 60% of the total weight, and that of adult women is about 50% -55%. Men have more water than women. Through a large number of studies, American scholars have found that, from a health perspective, men need to drink more water. In short, men who drink more than four glasses of water a day have a higher risk of cancer than men who drink 1 cup or less Reduced by 32%. Also, even if men and women drink the same amount of water, men are prone to dehydration because they are active and sweaty, and are more likely to lose moisture than women. Therefore, men should drink more water after boys should choose about 91oz / 2.7L, as shown in the figure:

If it's for children, a 44oz capacity is enough. As shown in the figure:

If it is family travel, then I suggest choosing a gallon capacity, a one-gallon large capacity family to carry when traveling, you do not have to carry it with you, fill it with water in the trunk of the car, do not have to prepare more Water cups can temporarily meet the family's water needs. This one-gallon illustration design by our British designer Mendy and its design concept is also exciting: "to live life the life you love; you have loved to the life you live." Inspired by this "sentence," I drew the words 'live' and 'life' in the way of graffiti to emphasize that with love for the way you can live, you can't have a life of happiness. As shown in the figure:


Everyone may ask, plastic bottle? I will naturally associate with problems such as unhealthy, not durable, but I want to tell you that you do not have to worry about these problems.

FUNUS Water Bottles are all made of materials imported from Eastman, USA. FDA food certification. Ensure your health. There will be no plastic smell when you drink water. The material is made strong but remains lightweight. After falling is not easy to damage. More durable than other ordinary water bottles.

I recommend the FUNUS bottle because it has several advantages:

FUNUS bottle has a variety of models and colors to choose from, so many styles and colors, there will always be the one you like;

FUNUS will continue to introduce new products according to the season or trend. For example, the two products above 75oz / 2.2L and 1 gallon are both new recently. Once they are on the market, they are living by many fitness and outdoor sportspeople.

The design is scientifically sound; PERFECT DESIGN : Portable sports bottle has a unique anti-slip handle design, which gives you a solid grip. A leak-proof cap like a shaker bottle, with drinking flip top, is easy to open and close. Opening on the top is perfect for filling the bottle with ice cubes, fruit, or different sports drinks. The mark on the side of the bottle is ideal for measuring your daily intake of water. High-quality nylon strap makes this sports water bottle jug easy to carry and hang anywhere.

They have a wide range of applications: very suitable for outdoor sports such as bodybuilding, playing basketball, camping trips, going to the gym, etc. All regular sports and fitness activities indoor or outdoor will keep you hydrated at all times, or just stay hydrated during fitness, weight loss, camping, travel, fun, and all other outdoor sports and at home and office.

Of course, nothing is perfect, and the existence of anything has advantages, and there must be disadvantages. Even if the FUNUS bottle has excellent advantages, it will inevitably have some defects, such as its large capacity. It is not convenient to carry when it is full of water. It is not very handy when it is cleaning. However,  "If you don't advance, you will retreat." The FUNUS team is an excellent team, from leadership to Employees, everyone is very concerned about the details. One word that the leaders of FUNUS often say to the employees is: To do every little thing well and treat the customers' problems as their problems, customers are our God, but they do. Yes, for these defects, they collected a lot of new voices from customers. For example, the bottle is not easy to clean. They developed different brushes for different products, which are using to clean the bottle. The bottle is easy to damage during transportation. It is undoubtedly a severe problem for us because it will directly bring a lousy user experience to our users, which is unacceptable to us. So how to solve this problem? Although logistics has a particular responsibility for this problem, it is unrealistic to expect logistics to solve the problem for us. To give users a better experience, we can only start by changing ourselves. So we decided to take immediate action and decided to jump on the product packaging.

We added a bubble bag to the product (mainly used for the postal packaging of the product. The bubble bag contains a shock-absorbing bubble film. There are countless small bubbles in the bubble film, so the body light, flexible, with sound insulation, shockproof, scratch-resistant functions). After the bubble bag packaging, the outer layer also packed in a carton. Double-layer protection measures are adopted, which solves the problem of the product being transporting during this transportation,  the problem of destruction. It is worth mentioning that the outer carton packaging of the work packed in color boxes. The pattern on the carton is a particular pattern specially designed by our designers. I believe that when you open the courier, you will first give a unique packaging design. Get your attention first.

  Of course, large-capacity plastic bottles are just a choice for some people, and some people may choose to carry a thermos cup. A stainless steel thermos cup is also a must-have for travel. Compared with plastic cups and glass cups, stainless steel insulation cups are thermally insulated, easy to carry and safe, and not fragile. It is inevitable to bump into bumps when traveling. The stainless steel insulation cups just meet the needs of travel. And it can provide a touch of warmth during a long journey, making the journey more comfortable, especially suitable for winter travel.

The best stainless steel insulation cup is undoubtedly Swell. Swell is a well-known brand. Compared to FUNUS sports bottles, the apparent advantages of stainless steel bottles are compact and easy to carry.

But not all stainless steel water cups have good performance. At this time, you must learn to choose, choose what you like, and, more importantly, choose the better quality at the same price. How to choose one stainless steel insulation cup:

Round cup mouth, the little smell of plastic accessories. When buying a thermos cup, you must first look at the appearance of the cup, whether the surface and liner are polished uniformly, whether there are scratches, whether the cup mouth is round, and whether the weld is smooth. Try to twist the lid of the cup.

After pouring hot water, the cup is not hot. To test the thermal insulation of the thermos cup, you can pour boiling water into the cup and tighten the bottle cap. Let it stand for 2-3 minutes and touch the cup body with your hands. When adding hot water, be careful not to overfill, so as not to burn yourself when unscrewed.

Invert for 3 minutes to test the tightness. After adding water to the cup, tighten the bottle cap and invert it for 3 minutes, or shake it a few times. If the cup cap is not twisted, but water seeps out, it indicates that the sealing effect is not good.

A little heavy material is good. Most of the thermal insulation cups on the market for one to twenty yuan are light and fluffy, and the appearance is dull. When you buy them, you should weigh them by hand. The stainless steel insulation cups that are heavier are better.

The water cup from the United States, KALREDE, which is also very popular with travelers, is the most attractive feature of this water cup. It can be folding! Because the super practicality is popular in Europe and the United States, it can expand three times in one second and transform into a large-capacity water cup, only 6 cm tall. It can even be packed in a pocket to travel, occupying a small space, which is undoubtedly very tempting for people who need to carry many things when traveling outdoors. But again, the more obvious the advantages, the more obvious the disadvantages! Its small size is not enough to meet our daily needs for water.

  Large-capacity sports water bottle, stainless steel insulation cup, folding cup are all the best choice for travelers when traveling. All in all, no matter what kind of bottle you choose, our ultimate goal is to maintain a healthy body's everyday water needs from a health perspective. Choosing the right one is the best!

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