The first impression of a bottle

The first sight of our bottle

The first time I saw our bottle was in September 2019. Honestly, I didn’t know that they were bottles. They have different shapes and colors and looked "strange." When I knew they were bottles, I couldn't say Needless to say, and they are simply outstanding in the bottle world!

Get to know our bottle

Our bottles have several capacities: 45oz / 1.3L, 75oz / 2.2L, 91oz / 2.7L, and one gallon. There are four different capacity bottles in common. They have one thing in common, and all have a large capacity.45oz / 1.3L and 75oz / 2.2L have the same appearance except for their capacity differences. It is worth noting that the shape of the 75oz / 2.2L capacity is square. I first saw this shape! Among the many bottles, it is desirable! But what shines is a gallon! Our impression of the one-gallon bottle is transparent. It is the common impression of most people on the regular one-gallon bottle. Have you seen the one-gallon bottle on the bottle? Maybe there is, but I believe it must be infrequent! So, without a doubt, the gallon illustration is our protagonist.

So surprised that many people have loved our product

Judging by the shape and capacity, you should know that our bottle is more popular with fitness people or outdoor sportspeople, but it is indeed the case. Most people who have experience in outdoor activities are deeply impressed by the dependence on water. Sufficient water is the most necessary condition to ensure the quality of outdoor life and physical health. Entirely relying on mountains and mountains and drinking water on many occasions does not make you Thirst at any time, but will expend more energy to deal with the consequent hidden health problems. Therefore, in any book that introduces outdoor life, how to obtain, transport, preserve, and reasonably allocate and use limited drinking water resources is very important. Because in many cases drinking water is the key to the success of outdoor activity.

 If you have followed our social accounts, such as our Instagram (Funuswaterbottle), you will find a lot of interesting pictures or videos, our users and fans share these videos and pictures. We often contact our fans. We have customers all over the world. Different countries have different living and usage habits. Therefore, we get suggestions and feedback from various aspects. Through their sharing and recommendations, let us know our disadvantages and improvements, complete step by step. To us, they are a valuable asset and a close friend.

Our beautiful designer

Before meeting our designer, I always thought she was a man, and I have to admit that our design style is biased towards men. It turns out that I am biasing by inertial thinking. Our designer is a young and beautiful girl! At present, Mendy is studying in the United Kingdom. She is a girl with high energy. Her ideas are wild, and she can always design works that everyone loves, including other gallon illustrations in the future. I haven’t met you yet. Mendy is a girl who looks quiet and slightly playful, but her designs are in sharp contrast to her image. What do you think?

Used in various scenarios

We said above that our bottle designs tend to be sporty; in fact, they are using more widely! You can take them with you on vacation when walking your dog in the early morning when you are doing yoga when you are jogging, or even when you are making your kids to the park.

New understanding of the product

Through a series of knowledge of the product, I found that the bottle is more than just a water tool. Let me tell you a case. I have a good friend (he is a big fan of our Instagram). He told me that when he took our bottle to the gym to exercise, many people were interested in his bottle and asked the source of his container,he said to me that our bottle could meet not only his daily water demand but also meet the fashion elements. His friends shouted: "I have never seen such a strangely shaped bottle"! One thing we need to emphasize is that the color and shape of each bottle are designing according to the most popular elements of the year, so you don't have to question your aesthetic at all, and you can even carry it proudly! Everyone knows that everyone will bring their bottle when they go to the gym. Imagine that when you take your bottle to the gym for exercise, you will be pleased when it attracts attention because of its unique design. However, what it does outperform others is that it is also functional! He can hang your phone, tablet, or even the key on the bottle! It allows you to watch videos while exercising, bringing you great convenience, and instantly improving your fitness experience!

Summary of our products

Maybe you will, like me, the first impression of the FUNUS brand is: it is more suitable for boys, but I want to tell you that it is not the case, even many women look cooler than men after using it! There is a non-professional term called "Contrast Moe," and we have a lot of female user groups. Look at the picture directly, as follows:

At present, with the development of high technology, the design of drinking glasses must keep pace with the times. Otherwise, the market will be eliminating. Recently, free sports bottles designed for athletes have been particularly popular. Take our bottle to travel, others will know at a glance that you love sports, which is undoubtedly the standard equipment.

No matter what kind of bottle you choose, it must be what you like. The significance of the container is not in itself. As long as it can meet your needs for water and achieve your health goals, it is the best.


If you have noticed a problem. Now many people have sub-health, which affects their lives and work. But as people attach more and more importance to their physical condition, they are beginning to realize the seriousness of sub-health. An outdoor sports cup may help you develop good habits in your daily life and stay away from disease.

Busy work will lead to mental stress, fatigue, and lack of exercise so that resistance will decline, and the body will be susceptible to illness. At this time, bringing a sports cup with you can stimulate your sports interest. Not only can relieve stress and improve work efficiency, but the focus is also on being able to exercise and strengthen resistance to disease.

In addition to lack of exercise, another reason urban people are susceptible to sub-health is inadvertent diet. It is reporting that the most significant cause of premature aging in the human body is excessive sugar consumption. Some people don't like to bring a kettle when they go out. They buy drinks when they are thirsty. It will severely damage the kidneys, teeth, and so on. If you get into the habit of carrying a glass of water when you go out, you can reduce your drinks. And you can brew some scented tea instead of soda, beauty, and health.

Free sports water cups are people's daily necessities. Everyone should make the most of its advantages, use its sportiness and portability, and maintain your body. Health is the most considerable wealth of people. Only a healthy body can fight better and create more wealth.

Small knowledge expansion:

  Advantages of morning run:

  1. Morning jogging is the beginning of activities of the day, so running in the morning can breathe fresh and refreshing effect.
  2. Morning jogging can increase the vital capacity of the lungs, thereby keeping the lungs healthy.
  3. Persist in morning jogging to enhance physical fitness and improve human immunity.

Advantages of night running:

1, night running can produce fatigue, which can help promote sleep.

  1. Ample night running time will help everyone relax and not affect work.

3, the ultraviolet radiation is small at night, to avoid the trouble of tanning, but also to lose weight.

But morning and night runs have their disadvantages:

Disadvantages of morning run:

  1. In some areas, air pollution is dangerous, and harmful substances are inhaling during morning jogging, which is detrimental to health.
  2. Morning jogging will increase the burden on the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular, so people who are suffering from the cerebral vascular disease should pay attention to it.

Disadvantages of night running:

  1. If you do not pay attention to keeping warm after running at night, it is easy to get sick from wind and cold.
  2. Running after dinner may cause indigestion and even cause gastroenteritis.

Some notes for night running:

At night, you should pay particular attention to choosing a flat or familiar location. All sports require preparation, and running at night is no exception. Gently press your legs before running and do squats to get your heart and muscles into motion faster. Some people wear tiny clothes in the beginning. Although it may not be cold, they tend to catch a cold when they relax after running, so it is necessary to keep warm.

Because the running intensity is not vigorous, you can run half an hour after a meal. Because this exercise does not affect sleep, it doesn't matter if you don't overeat dinner. If you wash your feet with warm water for 15-20 minutes after running, you can expand the blood vessels in your feet, promote blood circulation, and make people easily fall asleep.

Night jogging requires special attention to traffic hazards, such as cars and bicycles. It is best to choose a safe place, such as a park where cars are not accessible, and there are trails.

Run in the morning and night, according to your actual situation:

  1. People who choose to run in the morning:

People who can get up early and want to keep fit are suitable for morning jogging.

  1. People who choose to run at night:

The best time for decompression jogging is at night. People who want to lose weight, lose sleep and have more free time after work are suitable for night running.

Each of them has its advantages. It is best to choose whether to jog in the morning or at night, according to the lifestyle of the jogger. Even if you do not jog at these two times, you can reduce the lack of exercise.

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