Who says that a water bottle can't have a soul?

With the development of the times, more and more people are keen on outdoor sports, and products suitable for outdoor games are also updated and iterated. As you can see, fitness clothes are becoming more and more comfortable; gyms have more and more items, and they need more and more water. The capacity of sports water bottles is also gradually increasing, and even one-gallon water bottles began to appear on the market. Most of them are transparent and are the most straightforward style. It looks a bit clunky; it is just used as a container for water, as shown in the picture below.

It is the original one-gallon product. It has only simple graduation marks and five colors to choose from, which is similar to other one-gallon kettles on the market.

After our continuous exploration, after a lot of market research, people's aesthetics continue to improve. The one-gallon water cup we designed is not only for water but also for a work of art, as an individual with his soul, with unique illustrations. Different shapes, each painting has its style; there are powerful, childlike, artistic sense, we can have all you can think. It's fun to create something different and soulful, isn't it?

We are committed to providing users with a better experience and quality service. We also give soul to our products. It is what we are happy to do and have been doing.

She is Mendy, the designer who provided us with kettle illustrations — designing different styles. When I first saw the paintings she created, I thought our designer was a cool boy. Until I saw other pictures later, I was stunned. It was a different style. Like an artist who is both deep and elegant, but also playful.

The illustrations designed by Mendy can always strike directly into the soul. Each painting is like every child with his independent character. And their personality is so prominent that they can infect everyone who sees them. It's amazing. Our designers have several souls, but also have aesthetics that are beyond and suitable for the current stage, changing styles, and more robust design capabilities.

It is the primary and finished image of our first one-gallon illustration.

Of course, it must also have its soul.

The design is inspiring by old-school-style tattoo graffiti. The skull symbolizes bravery and not afraid of anything. The skull is integrating into the picture with dumbbells that signify strength, expressing the persistence of sports.

The transparent bottle body still has tick marks. The difference is an additional illustration. The whole kettle looks different, like a teenager with youthful energy and strength. The ingenious combination of the skull and dumbbells, the collision of red and blue, the whole tone is more powerful.

Silicone seal inside the lid, patented design, provides 100% leak proof.  Always remind you of drinking and Motivate you to keep training and hydrated all day. One-Step Flip Cap allows you to drink quickly. High-quality nylon strap, durable enough to carry on the go.100% BPA free, non-toxic, and odorless food-grade plastic material. You are not keeping water cold. Wash it before first use. Fill with liquids below 50℃; Not dishwasher safe; Don't leave in the car on a hot day or drop it from a high place.

Before we started selling it, we gave it to people who recognized our brand and let them try our kettle for free. Feedback to us after use, we will further improve our products according to the feedback given to us. We have always firmly believed that products designed by the users themselves are what they need most. At the same time, such products are also most catering to the market.

Since we started selling it, we have also received user reviews. Many of them praised it as a work of art. Rugged, easy to carry, and very unique. It can help users understand the amount of water they drink every day. Easy to read and identify where the waterline is. Users commented: "Absolutely love that I can carry an entire gallon of water with me, and not worry about it spilling in my car or while I'm walking cause the lid is so secure. Not to mention, I love the art on the water jug as well. The handle is nice and fits the mg hand perfectly! I would recommend it to anyone trying to increase their water drinking habits !"

Our kettles can even contain organic reagents from chemistry labs, which are non-breaking, reliable, and durable. One of the customers' 12-year-old son thought our illustrations were cool and inspired her son to drink more water. Our original intention is to facilitate people's lives, and we honored that we have done so.

We are both producers and consumers. Everyone expects it to be a good memory when they receive it. To improve the user experience of our products, we have designed the same style box for each one-gallon illustration kettle. The appearance of this box is also compelling. Customers who receive it will love it, and the finished product looks even more amazing.

The theme of the box is: "Live and Life" designer explained "to live the life you love, you have to love the life you live." inspired by this sentence, I drew the words 'live' and 'life' in the way of graffiti, to emphasize that only with love for the way you live can you have a beautiful life you love.

It is not enough. We also designed a unique bag that can hold a gallon kettle. This way, you can carry it when you go out. The full shoulder strap design does not need to bear too much pressure on your shoulders. The bag's beam mouth makes your kettle never fall out easily, no matter what you do. The thick material better protects your pot, so that it won't be easily damaged. There is also a small pocket on the side of the bag, which fits your phone and card. Go out to fitness and carry it without worrying about having no place for your phone and ticket. This is a beautiful design, isn't it?

I firmly believe that our design will continue to improve; let us look forward to it together!

From a simple, transparent kettle, with illustrations, a box, and a matching bag, it has developed step by step into a perfect artwork. It is undeniable that we have put a lot of effort into our products, and what is created by following our heart is unique and soulful. We try our best to create perfection.

Data show that the global outdoor sports industry is currently standing on the cusp, and there will be more market space in the future. National fitness is also in the ascendant. More and more young people are paying more and more attention to fitness, and the outdoor sports industry will usher in the gold — development period. When we choose to work hard at this time, we must also see this huge market and business opportunity. We have reason to believe that launching a gallon illustration water glass is only the first step we have taken in the field of outdoor sports. In the future, there will continue to be new surprises for everyone, and our brand influence will also reach a new height.



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