You have a bit of awe for nature

Power of Nature

To small humans, nature is like a mysterious and extreme artist, sometimes it can surprise us, and sometimes it can easily destroy everything.

Typhoons, floods, and volcanic eruptions are often unpredictable natural disasters. For us, they are often far and near.

The text may not be enough to express the power of nature, so the pictures directly bring you intuitive feelings.

Turkmenistan's Dawaza natural gas burning pit has been burning for nearly half a century, and is also known as the "Gate of Hell"

A terrible lightning storm in Canada

This is not mud in the water, but a lot of ants

Wall cloud, a dangerous cloud, usually heralds the tornado

Kilauea volcano erupted in Hawaii, and lava swept across the field, leaving no grass.

After reading these, maybe you have a certain understanding of the power of nature, but I believe that our understanding of nature is just the tip of the iceberg of nature.

Human beings are very small in front of nature

Humans are really insignificant in the presence of nature. In nature, all things in the world, human beings can be said to be outstanding, and everything you can do for me can be said to be the true hegemon, everything is in the hands of man. However, in the presence of nature, all these glories can be said to be very small. Humans, like other animals and plants, are a dust of nature, very, very small. No matter how advanced your technology is, how smart we are, and how high we are in all living things, as long as a little sneeze in nature can make everything fly to you. Nature also has a temper. If we don’t take care of where we live, then naturehas a temper. No matter what you do, you can’t stop it. You are rich, in a position, and you can’t escape nature ’s palms. Just like Sun Wukong couldn't escape the palm of the Buddha. Nature will bring everything back to its original state, and everything will start again.

Excessive human violations of the animal kingdom

Do you know what the fiercest animal is? Not a lion, not a shark, but humans themselves. As human society feels progress and development, it unbridledly expands its territory, deforestation, killing wild animals, and other acts of persecution to ecology are countless.

Animal revenge is that weak and weak, and at the same time it is so fierce and invisible; humans who are powerful on the surface cannot actually defeat and control those animals that are passive or even weak on the surface. Crocodile and even disgusting cockroaches have been living on this planet since the age of dinosaurs. Compared with the 400 million years old species, our human history seems so short. Facing the vast universe, human beings often ask inward: Where do we come from? Where are we going? Is it true that humans are the catastrophes of animals and human gravediggers?

But don't think that humans can really do whatever they want. Carefully consider that those incurable diseases that seriously affect human health are caused by animals: bird flu, SARS, AIDS, mad cow disease, dengue fever, anthrax, hemorrhagic fever, cholera. Why is this possible? The possible reason is that certain laws in nature cannot be controlled and controlled by humans: once humans cross certain boundaries, they will be punished by these laws. Human beings wantonly destroy the ecological environment for their own survival, making it difficult for many wild animals to survive or even become extinct; then revenge from animals is to produce a large number of germs and viruses, which will cause humans to die in large numbers, thereby achieving species balance. This is the law of nature at work, which is currently beyond human control.

When you resent animal revenge, think about how humans do it: eat all over the sky, swim in the water, run on the ground; in order to obtain the feathers, horns, teeth, and shells of animals, humans can Kill them mercilessly; in order to see the animals conveniently, cruelly keep them in narrow cages or pools; in order to let the animals perform, beat them with a leather whip and stick.

Mahatma Gandhi said, "The greatness of a country can be measured by how it treats animals." Human beings and animals coexist, and once animals become extinct, human beings may not escape the worst. Human beings and animals must live in harmony. Being kind to animals is to be kind to human beings.

Australia fire displaces many animals

Everyone knows that a mountain fire broke out in Australia in September last year, but what many people do n’t know is that the mountain fire continued to burn for more than 4 months. At present, 60,000 square kilometers of land have been burned, and more than 480 million have been burned. Animals, 24 people were killed in the fire, and thousands were displaced. At first, no one cared about this disaster. It was nothing more than a mountain fire, a drought, the extinction of a species, the disappearance of a city, until the disaster was closely related to everyone. · January 5, 2020, New South Wales Residents of the state have a natural disaster on their way to work, and humans can escape in various ways. What about animals?

Many times, there is only one word waiting for them: death

Koalas, who are timid and slow-moving on weekdays, are forced to speed up and struggle in the sea of fire in order to survive.

Koalas were slow to move, and their burial was distressing.

The kangaroo is strong and bouncing, and will always escape the flames of hell?

In fact, it is simply impossible.

Burned animals recorded by an uncle while driving. Humans are powerless in the face of major natural disasters.

No matter how clever and strong animals are, they are even more vulnerable as ants.

There are only about 70,000 koalas in Australia, and this continuous fire has killed at least 25,000 koalas. Narrow-footed tadpoles and crested cockatoos have been fatally hit, and ecologists say they could become extinct.

A total of 480 million mammals, birds, and reptiles were buried in the sea of fire.

What concept? Australia's population is only 25 million ...

Even if some animals escaped the fire, they lost their food and lost their food.

Waiting for them is also likely to be: starving alive.

What is more terrible than animal death is the destruction of the ecological environment caused by continuous fires, which is extremely difficult to measure. NASA satellite images show that smoke from forest fires in Australia has spread to South America, 12,000 kilometers away.

Thick smoke billowed, forming a cloud larger than the continental United States.

We do not know how such an apocalyptic fire will affect the future climate.

Rescue team brings water and food to injured wildlife

On January 16th, according to the Daily Mail, on Kangaroo Island, south of Adelaide, an injured koala found his companion by the river and watched it die with a sad head Buried in his own body, hug his trembling tightly, his trembling body seemed to be crying, he didn't want to leave his friend for a long time. Many people are distressed to see this scene. It was not until the rescue team arrived that the surviving koala was rescued by the medical staff of the international rescue team. The rescue team said it would continue to treat the injured animals on the island.

Rescue team medical staff said that "this is the most difficult scene I have ever seen as an animal rescuer, and everywhere I look is scorched animal carcasses." It is reported that almost half of Kangaroo Island's land was eroded by the fire and 80% Koala habitat was destroyed, leaving Koala homeless.

The head of the Australian Veterinary Emergency Management Team said there were about 46,000 koalas on the island before this year's jungle fire. At present, according to incomplete statistics, there are 9,000 left, which he calls "extremely destructive". Australian Environment Minister Susan Ley stated that "the number of koalas in the country has been severely hit and destroyed because of the jungle fire that has lasted for several months. It is recommended that koalas can be classified as endangered."

According to reports, in the face of such large-scale damage, it is not only a question of rescue, but also how to recover the animals after rescue. It is also a huge problem. Earlier analysis reported that small animals are not necessarily hopeless. When the rainy season in April comes and eucalyptus grows rapidly, koalas are expected to rebuild their homes.

According to reports, in the face of such large-scale damage, it is not only a rescue problem, but also how to recover the animals that have recovered after the rescue. It is also a huge problem. Earlier analysis reported that small animals are not necessarily hopeless. When the rainy season in April comes and eucalyptus grows rapidly, koalas are expected to rebuild their homes.

 A carry-on kettle may save a life

If you witness the weak little animals struggling in the fire, I believe that any one of them will be distressed. How desperate are the animals that are desperate to survive in the fire, even if you just give them a drink and share some or all of the water from the kettle you carry with them, they may survive! If you are part of a rescue team, or you want to be part of a rescue team, you may need to bring a large kettle. The capacity of 44oz is too small, and the capacity of one gallon is a bit bulky, so it is not easy to carry, so it is recommended to carry 75oz or 91oz. But in this emergency, any tool that can hold water is the best tool to save lives.

Awe of life, awe of nature

Life is part of nature. Human life, like nature, is an objective world that can never be explored. Therefore, to be in awe of life is to be in awe of nature.

Because human beings have never-ending knowledge of nature and life, human beings should respect nature and life. Only when we are in awe of nature and life, can we consciously integrate our subjectivity and objectivity, live in harmony, and humanity can last long. Only when we are in awe of nature and awe of life can we live in harmony with nature, obtain health and longevity, and enjoy a happy and happy life. Only when we are in awe of nature and life, can we ask ourselves, explore nature and explore life with a realistic attitude. Only by fearing nature and life can human beings invent and discover, and society can move forward faster.

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